Think Green - Build Smart

Do you want to make some amazing memories this summer? Do you want to make friends with people from all over Europe? Do you want to work on yourself and learn new things?

If your answer to all of the questions above is “YES YES YES” then you don’t have to look any further! Podgorica is hosting a course this summer that has everything you are looking for!

Trying to keep up with current important topics, we decided to make this course all about working on what’s best for us and our environment. 

In order to maximize efficiency and ensure comfort, safety and security, building industry is becoming more and more focused on Smart Buildings. Efficient in energy and functionality, Smart Buildings are the future of our cities. 

The smartest and greenest building in the world, located in Amsterdam, is The Edge. From recognizing your car and guiding you to the optimal parking spot, giving you desk for the day based on your needs (standing desk, sitting desk, work booth…) and knowing how much sugar you put in your coffee and what are your light and temperature preferences – The Edge has everything you could ask for, while at the same time having the highest sustainability score ever awarded. Given the current need of changes regarding environmental sustainability and constant development of technology, smart buildings, like The Edge, will become more and more frequent. The future is coming so be ready and become the part of our course!

Over the seven days, apart from opportunity to learn and improve in academic field, expect to have fun and explore Montenegrin culture and cuisine. First five days will be spent in our capital, Podgorica, and we will finish off in beautiful seaside town of Kotor, for our weekend trip.

From 6th to 13th of July, we expect you to join us and discover all the beautiful places that Montenegro has to offer. We can promise that people, culture and scenery won’t leave you indifferent!

To help prepare for your summer trip, here is a Survival Guide, to give you more information and contact details.

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